Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening helps patients get rid of their "gummy smile" by removing a small amount of their gum tissue, bone, or both so your tooth is more exposed to look aesthetically pleasing.


Sometimes, not enough of your tooth is shown above the gum in order to support a filling or a crown. This can happen when a tooth breaks off at the gum line or a crown or filling falls from the tooth and there's decay underneath. To properly place a crown/filling, there needs to be a particular amount of the tooth exposed and some patients have excess gum tissue around their upper teeth.


With the help of your Bronx periodontist, we'll schedule a date for your appointment. You may need a professional cleaning beforehand, and when it's time for your procedure, we'll be able to explain the process of your treatment.


Your periodontist will make precision cuts that will pull your gums away from the teeth. This will expose the roots and the surrounding bone, which will need to be removed to expose more of the tooth. In some cases, removing a small amount of gum tissue will expose enough of the tooth so we'll be able to place the crown. Once enough of the tooth has been exposed, the area will be washed and the gums will be stitched back together.


To learn more about this treatment, call our office at (718) 792-0137 regarding crown lengthening in Bronx NY.

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