Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery is a procedure performed when there's a pocket around your tooth (or teeth) created by periodontal disease. The reason that this treatment is important, and sometimes necessary, is when the pocket hasn't responded positively to other periodontal treatments in order to protect your smile. By performing this surgery, the patient will have a better chance of retaining the tooth and will have an easier time keeping the area clean.


During this surgery, your periodontist will thoroughly clean the infected area, smooth out and reshape the damaged bone, and repair it by careful stitching. We will create a more shallow pocket that will hinder the bacteria from spreading and sticking around since the root surface will be cleaned. By performing these steps, it'll be much harder for the bacteria to grow and survive while also allowing the body to work and repair the area and help you keep it clean.


When the surgical area is carefully numbed, we will make an incision in the gum tissue and lift that away so we're able to thoroughly clean the infected bone and tooth root surface since we can clearly and properly see the area. An important step is, after the cleaning has been performed, we can smooth out the damaged bone to better repair the area and allow it to heal.


After the area is cleaned and the bone is smoothed, the gum tissue is carefully trimmed so it will better fit the underlying structure. The gum tissue is then stitched back into place and given about a little over a week to heal until the stitches are removed.


To learn more about osseous surgery or to schedule a consultation, call your Bronx NY periodontist at (718) 792-0137.

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