Bone Grafting/Regeneration

Periodontal disease can severely harm your smile if you're not careful to address this issue as soon as possible. By eliminating the existing bacteria to regenerate the bone and tissue, this will help reduce the depth of the pocket that's caused by the progression of gum disease. Combined with daily improved oral hygiene and professional maintenance care by your Bronx periodontist, the chances of keeping your natural smile will dramatically increase.


Eliminating the gum pockets and reconstructing the uneven bone tissue will help treat gum disease. It will get rid of the infected gum tissue and start working on improving your overall oral and dental health. With bone and tissue regeneration surgery, the previously removed items will be regenerated and correct your smile.


To learn more about this procedure in detail in order to protect your teeth, call your Bronx periodontist at (718) 792-0137 today.

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